Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The heat is on!

Some day, I am going to learn to go out for an early morning run instead of waiting until the sun is beating down. It's nice to finally get this kind of weather, after such a long, cold, drab winter and spring here in Pittsburgh, but it is not fun to run in 85 degree sun. Nope. I also need to remember to wear one of my Sweaty Bands, because after my run today, I was literally dripping with sweat and it was rolling down my forehead and stinging my eyes my entire run. I looked like I had been sprayed with a garden hose, and when I walked in the door, my girls cringed and backed away like I had a contagious disease. Wow, I must have looked pretty bad!

Now on another note, I am really enjoying running with my iPod, but it has one flaw: it makes me run too fast. Combine iPod running with a brutally hot sun, and you've got some serious butt-kicking going on. So much that I had to stop running after 1.5 miles this morning because: 1) I am not an 8-minute-a-miler in mild weather, and 2) I am not an 8-minute-a-miler, ever. Well, except today. Because Ke$ha and Taio Cruz and others make me want to run faster than my body can handle! Kinda exciting to this old 10.5-minute-a-miler, because I am wondering if maybe, just maybe, someday I will learn how to run just a little faster. At this point, I can't keep up an 8-minute-a-mile pace for more than one full mile, but maybe someday...I have a little glimmer of hope!

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