Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Runner Girl

It was a beautiful spring day today.

 Emma had a ton of pent-up energy and wanted to GET OUT. This was just her warm-up before we went running together this afternoon.

She ran up and down the street a few times...

I don't know if her feet ever touched the ground. I love the look of pure joy when a child runs.
Gotta love the running outfit I bought her at Target last fall. This was the first time she was actually able to wear it.  Check out the little girls' size running skirt! Well, it's actually a "skort," so she was able to climb the monkey bars when we stopped at the school track.  I didn't take my camera on our run, so no pix of that.

Go, Emma, go!

Then, before we left, she got excited because she noticed our tulips have bloomed!

Notice she still has the jingle bells and race chip in her shoe from the Jingle Bell 5K?

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